Currently topping the table of the Premier League 2019/20 soccerway Liverpool is definitely a team to watch out for this season. With players like Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, James Milner, Roberto Firmino etc., they are sure to qualify for the group stage of Champions League. Undoubtedly, they are one of the topmost global soccer teams today and considering that this is the 28th season of Premier League they are featuring in, it looks like they will continue to occupy the top positions for many more seasons to come.

Founded by John Houlding, today Liverpool is the 8th most valuable soccer club and the 7th highest soccer club earner in the world. In fact, it is one of the most popular teams across the world and because of its rivalries with Everton and Manchester United, any face-off between these three teams enjoys a viewership which can hardly be equalled by any other team on a global platform.

Advantages of Liverpool in Premier League 2019/20

This team has been one of the most watched for team and sports lovers across the world are looking forward to seeing the performance of Liverpool Premier League. Finishing 2nd in the Premier League finals last season has only made the fans eager and determined to watch Liverpool win the Premier League title this year. Consequently, even in soccer betting, punters and bookies are setting their odds in favour of Liverpool as a team and its most watched player trio of Mane, Salah and Firmino.

In fact there are many advantages to Liverpool as a team playing the Premier League this time like:

  • Team cohesiveness: This is an important factor which helps cement the Liverpool team together. It gives rise to the realisation of being one unit among the players and rising above personal aspirations to do that what is right for the team. The team manager Jurgen Klopp has done a fabulous job in building this team spirit and as a consequence both on and off the field the player’s team spirit has built a fortress of confidence and strategic evolution which has been the key to the stellar performances that were seen last soccer season.
  • Returning players: Last season also saw some key soccerway Liverpool players being plagued by injuries and being forced to take time off the field. This season saw their return in the form of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Adam Lallana who has been important contributors in the past seasons. The team is looking forward to valuable contributions from them this season too, especially when playing in the Premier League. Divock origin who returned at the end of last season is also a strong player while the talents of Rhian Brewster, Harry Wilson, Ryan Kent etc., ensure that Liverpool premier league team is filled with talent, positivity and a strong urge to win.


soccerway Liverpool


  • New strategies perfected: Klopp has been a strong influence on all the players of the team and this Premier League preseason saw him try out new combinations, strategies and options; something which has thrown forward a bunch of dynamic strategies which have since been perfected and ready to be applied in the soccerway Liverpool With both the players and Klopp becoming comfortable with each other and understanding each other’s expectations fully, the strategy of trying out different players in different positions has worked out to the satisfaction of everyone resulting in Liverpool leading the Premier League table currently.

Disadvantages that team Liverpool might face

However, all is not rosy with the Liverpool premier league team. There are certain areas which still need work. But with the team spirit quiet high and with each players willingly looking forward to dealing with their weaknesses, it would not take long for the team to overcome its disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantages which might not work in their favour are:

  • Gaps in important positions: This year has seen some key players suffering injuries and the possibility of them having to pull out of the championships this season are quite strong. Since players like Nathaniel Clyne are somewhat irreplaceable, soccerway liverpool right-back has only one option. Same is the case with Robertson who will be the only left-back option left with Liverpool when Moreno leaves the club in the summer. But Klopp is looking forward to grooming youngsters, Yasser Larouci and Ki-Jana Hoever, to make up for these loses. Of course when playing against arch rivals who have a team filled with proven talent, these gaps might present a problem for the Liverpool premier league team initially. Other gaps which need to be corrected very soon include:
    • Most of its forwards do not have capable deputies to take over and continue without the team losing impetus,
    • Centre-forward is another position wherein Liverpool really needs to solidify its foundation.

It goes without saying that any injuries or unavailability of these key players can result in soccerway Liverpool suffering heavily, if the same is not taken care of immediately.

  • Cramped schedules: The upcoming schedules of Liverpool include back to back matches which even the most seasoned players would find it difficult to manage. The fact that its key players have been unable to take a single break this summer because of their national commitments further aggravates this situation. The schedule that Liverpool will have to maintain this season consists of:
    • 38 Premier League matches,
    • 6 to 13 matches in Champions League,
    • 1 to 6 matches in the League Cup and FA Cup,
    • 1 to 2 matches in the upcoming 2020 world cup,
    • The community shield final as well as
    • The UEFA Supercup.

This is too hectic for a fast paced body contact game like soccer and might work to the disadvantage of Liverpool premier league.

Yet people around the world, be it audiences wanting to enjoy good football or punters and bookies wanting to make money, look forward to their favourite team playing and winning their matches. It is also the enthusiasm of its supporters which has a positive effect on the team’s morale thereby encouraging them to attain what most feel is impossible.