What Are the Most Popular Bet Types in the Premier League?

Understanding the betting market is no mean feat; there are just so many things that require in-depth study if you want to build up a system of earning from betting. Today, many accredited websites are available, with a top example being the soccerway predition site, which can guide you all the way so you can place successful bets based on tips and predictions for every match. However, even then, you need to understand these three things- at least at the basic level- to make consistent earnings with betting:

  • Understanding the football league
  • Understanding the different types of bets and betting markets
  • Understanding value bets

To understand the football league or leagues you want to bet in, it is crucial to follow matches, keep updated with news, research the teams that play the league, and listen to pundits when they discuss matches, players, managers and transfers.

To understand value bets, you have to have some experience with betting to begin with. Value bets essential mean bets where can find a greater probability for the outcome you bet for to be greater than what is reflected by the odds offered by bookmakers. Understanding value bets takes practice, patience and a keen understanding of the game you are betting in, as well as the betting market.

Which brings us to the different kinds of bets that you can find listed in soccerway premier league.

Types of Bets Most Common in Premier League

There are many variations of types of bets listed on soccerway prediction site. Of those, the most common types are:

  • Head to Head Betting
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Asian Handicap Betting
  • In Play Betting

Head to Head Betting: Head to head betting is one of the most popular and traditional form of betting on football and in other games. With respect to football, the punter or bettor can put their money on whether a team will win, lose or draw the match. For example, in a match between Chelsea and Tottenham, if you place your bet on the odds of Chelsea winning and Chelsea wins, then you win the bet. On the other hand, if the match ends in draw or Tottenham wins, then you lose your bet. Head to Head betting where you have all three options- win, lose or draw- is also commonly known as 3-way betting. This form of betting is popular on soccerway premier league because of its simplistic nature. It is also the ideal entry point for beginners into the world of soccer betting.


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Over/Under Betting: Over/Under betting can be regarded as the second most popular kind of betting and it is steadily rising in popularity over the years. In this betting market, top sites like top soccer prediction site gain more importance as this with the score-line at the end of a match. To understand this type of betting, let’s take a look at this example.

Manchester United is playing Liverpool. The bookies offer odds which state that the match will result in a total of over 3.5 goals scored or a total of under 3.5 goals scored. If you bet that the match will end in over 3.5 votes and a total of 4 or more goals are scored in the game, you win the bet.  However, if the total goals scored in the game come up to 3 or less, you lose the bet.

Nowadays, you can bet on different variations of the more traditional form of over/under betting like on the number of corners given or the number of yellow cards shown in the match. The over/under betting market is mostly ventured into by semi-professional and professional bettors.

Asian Handicap Betting: With its origins in Indonesia, Asian handicap betting has become very popular in the soccerway premier league betting scene. This form of betting offers a lot of flexibility and adds a very interesting take on the more traditional betting markets like 1X2 betting or head to head betting.

So, what exactly is Asian handicap betting? Well, Asian handicap betting is a betting gig where there is a goal handicap placed on the opposing teams playing a premier league match. Take for example a match between Bournemouth and Manchester City. Now, odds are that Manchester city will win and Bournemouth lose being a club placed very low on the table. However, in Asian handicap betting, a handicap of 1.5 goals is placed on each team as follows:

  • Manchester City -1.5
  • Bournemouth +1.5

Now, the goal handicap is to be adjusted at the end of the final score-line. Say, Manchester City scores 3 goals and Bournemouth scores 1 goal at final time. After the handicap adjustment, Manchester City has 1.5 goals (3-1.5) and Bournemouth has 2.5 goals (1+1.5). So, if you have placed your bets on Manchester City to win, you lose your bet in Asian Handicap Betting. Soccerway prediction site is a great place to get tips on Asian handicap betting as this betting market requires a specialised kind of analysis and judgement to get right.

In Play Betting: In play betting involves exactly what it hints at- it allows you place bets while the football match is going on and live.  Punters who engage in ‘in play betting’ can feel like stock brokers and the widespread access to internet has given rise to the popularity of this kind of betting amongst betting enthusiasts in the UK, especially those who enjoy exploring the various soccerway premier league betting options. In play betting, odds are adjusted throughout the game, taking into account the following:

  • Pre-match expectations or odds
  • Current margin or score-line
  • Time remaining till the final whistle

In Play betting requires some heavy lifting with calculations but most bettors have access to experts at sites like soccerway prediction site which can greatly simplify the process of placing a bet based on great tips and predictions that take into account all the calculations required on the punter’s behalf.

Soccerway premier league is very popular in the betting market as it allows for various kinds of bets to be placed. Beginners can proceed from the simplest types of betting to more dynamic and intriguing options steadily and through practice and discipline make consistent earnings out of successful betting.