What Do Tipsters Do to Make Successful Predictions?

From casual bettors to the most experienced punters, all individuals interested in the soccer betting scene have resorted to help from professional tipsters to find the best bets for winning.

So, who are tipsters and how do they help, you may ask. Tipsters are essentially experts who offer betting tips in exchange for a fee. For example, you can obtain soccerway betting tips by paying a small amount of money. What this does for you is give you an edge while placing your bet as tipsters are experts at analysing Big Data to come up with predictions which lead to successful betting.

Big Data and Its Importance in Betting

For many years, big data has been used by people to win at betting. In fact, not only individuals, but investment companies and businesses use relevant big data to predict possible outcomes of a given situation. In terms of soccer, big data involves the four most important components for analysis, namely:

  • Match data
  • Team data
  • Player data
  • Bookmaking data

Big data includes data collected and compiled over a long period. Algorithms and analysts work with the various kinds of data to find patterns which hold true over a given period of time. Based on those patterns, tipsters can make accurate soccer prediction for a soccerway bet or similar bets.

Understanding Big Data in Depth

There are many different systems of working with big data and analysing probable outcomes, but what remains more or less constant is the key components that make up big data relevant to soccerway betting tips or football bets, in general.

Match Data: Match data includes the statistics of various components of a football match collected over a period of time which can help you place a soccerway bet and win it. Some of the key parts of match data are:

  • Set pieces
  • Possession percentage
  • Shots on and off target
  • Formations used
  • Stoppage time played
  • Stoppage time chances
  • Goals scored
  • Cards shown
  • Zonal marking

Match data analysis takes into account all specifics that influences a match and looks at the performance of both teams.

Soccerway Bet

The data collected for two teams in question every time they have had a face off enables experienced best football tipsters come up with patterns, the likes of which are used to give soccerway betting tips. The process involves an advanced understanding of statistical analysis and can be properly understood only when there is adequate understanding of the league the teams play as well as of the game.

Team Data: Team data includes all team related data, as clearly understood from the nomenclature. It includes statistics related to:

  • Key players
  • Substitutes
  • Injuries
  • Goal scorers
  • Schedule of matches for both teams
  • Performance of individual players
  • Manager-player relation and success ratio, etc.

In brief, team data analysis is concerned with data collected over a long time regarding a specific team. It shows the composition of a team and the dynamics which work versus dynamics which don’t. For example, a team with a better combination of key players in complementary roles make statistically be shown to perform better in certain matches than any other combination. Analysis of team data gives a greater insight into team performance and patterns which emerge can be employed to improve predictability of a match outcome. In betting markets like first scorer betting or the number of goals scored soccerway bet, team data analysis plays a crucial role.

Tipsters do not only rely on past team data based statistics when they come up with soccerway betting tips and predictions. They follow a team’s performance over recent matches, check out pundit talks, keep themselves updated on injuries and recoveries, pay attention to practice sessions and how players are performing etc. and use all of that information along with algorithm derived patterns to come up with expert tips.

Player Data:  Player data is concerned with the performance of individual players over the course of a pre-decided number of days/months/years. It looks at how the player (in most cases, the key players in each team) performs on home ground versus on away matches, performance of the player in various positions he may be placed in certain formations and other data including:

  • The number of goals scored
  • The number of assists made
  • Role played in different formations
  • Record of injuries sustained
  • Record of fouls committed
  • Number of fouls taken
  • Number of set pieces taken, if applicable
  • Number of direct shots on target
  • Defensive play records
  • Number of minutes played on average per match, etc.

Player data is crucial in some betting markets for placing a successful soccerway bet, but in all other betting markets like 1X2 betting, over/under betting etc., player data forms an important part of big data analysis which enables tipsters to generate valuable soccerway betting tips.

Bookmaker Data: Bookmakers make a living out of betting and hence are more serious about the entire market than some bettor playing a casual hand. This makes the odds provided by bookmakers a crucial element to consider before placing a soccerway bet. Bookmakers go to get lengths to hire top analysts to generate odds for every match. Bookmaker odds contain bookmaker advantage, which is why value based odd recognition is a crucial skill for becoming a successful punter. However, even with bookmaker advantage, bookmaker odds are a good reflection of favourable outcomes. Bookmaker data includes the collection of bookmaker odds placed on respective face offs and is analysed as part of big data to come up with better predictions.

Coming up with successful predictions or even consistently placing profitable bets involves more work than just rooting for your favourite team or player or going by your gut instinct. These processes might work for a casual bet placed on a derby match, but for those who are looking to earn serious buck for a sustained period of time, getting deeper into the betting market is unavoidable.

You can choose to follow your own maths by investing in an algorithm (in which case your maths game needs to be strong) or you can find best tipsters whose profession it is to identify patterns, make allowance for randomness and then come up with solid betting tips