What is the best site for in depth soccer statistics

There are several websites that provide in-depth soccer statistics for enthusiasts, bettors, and analysts.

Here are some reputable platforms that were known for offering detailed soccer statistics:

Opta: Opta is one of the most well-known providers of sports data, including soccer statistics. They offer a comprehensive range of match statistics, player performance metrics, and advanced data for various leagues and competitions.

Whoscored: Whoscored provides detailed player and team statistics, heat maps, and visualizations for soccer matches. They also offer player ratings and a variety of metrics to analyze team and player performance.

SofaScore: SofaScore offers live scores, statistics, and detailed player information for soccer matches. They provide real-time updates and visualizations for various aspects of the game.

Understat: Understat focuses on advanced metrics and expected goals (xG) data. They provide insights into shot quality, expected goals, and other analytics to assess player and team performance.

Transfermarkt: While primarily a platform for tracking player transfers and market values, Transfermarkt also offers comprehensive player and team statistics, historical data, and various insights into soccer competitions.

Football-Data.co.uk: This website provides historical football data and statistics, including match results, odds, and various datasets for analysis.

FBref: Powered by StatsBomb, FBref offers detailed statistics and analytics for various soccer leagues, including advanced metrics such as expected assists (xA), passes, pressures, and more.

ESPN FC Stats & Info: ESPN provides a wide range of soccer statistics, including player and team metrics, historical data, and in-depth analyses of matches and competitions.

FourFourTwo Stats Zone: FourFourTwo offers an analysis of matches using interactive heatmaps, chalkboards, and other visualizations to break down player and team performance.

Keep in mind that websites and platforms can change over time, and new ones may have emerged since my last update. Always verify the reliability and accuracy of the statistics you’re using, especially if you’re making informed decisions based on that SOCCERWAY data.